I have partnered with the video production company Craftsy to produce a video course called Homemade Candy: Fudge, Bars, and More. This course covers a wide variety of homemade candy recipes and techniques, including tempering chocolate, working with sugar, and making everything from homemade marshmallows to multi-layered candy bars.

Elizabeth LaBau on set with Craftsy

I am passionate about making homemade candy, and I’m thrilled to have a way to share my recipes and techniques with you. This class covers EVERYTHING you’ll need to know to get started!

This course is 7 full lessons (over 2 hours long!) jam-packed with information. Making candy is such a visual process–how do you know what color your caramel should be? What should the fudge look like when it’s done? These nuances are hard to understand from a written recipe, and that’s why a video course is the perfect way to learn about candy making.

For each lesson, I’ll take you through all the steps, explaining any tricky parts, and doing a full demonstration from start to finish. There’s also a comprehensive class booklet with all of the recipes and resources. Here’s just a sampling of what the lessons cover:

  • Tempering Chocolate and Quick Chocolate Candies
  • Ganache and Making Truffles
  • Caramels
  • Marshmallows
  • Mini Chocolate Cups
  • Fudge (Modern + Old-Fashioned)
  • Custom Candy Bars

Check out the class trailer to learn more:

As an instructor, I’m able to offer a special discount to people who sign up through my link. It’s my way of saying “THANK YOU” to my readers. If you CLICK HERE or on the button below to sign up for my class, you will get a 50% discount!

The class is rated 5 stars on Craftsy, and has hundreds of happy students enrolled! Here’s a sampling of feedback from students who have completed the course:

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I purchased the book “The Sweet Book of Candy Making” last fall and love it. Now I’ve found this class! Instructor is fun, knowledgeable, and really does have a passion for candy making. Love, love, love this class.

ConfectionerCC February 18, 2016

This class is informative, useful, and most of all FUN. You’ll learn a lot, and leave with increased kitchen confidence–not to mention a ton of great new candy recipes to try! Come join me on Craftsy and see how delicious life can be!

Craftsy Candy Collage