Hello, and welcome! I’m a food writer, recipe developer, and food photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I got my start as a pastry chef in Los Angeles, working in many of the city’s top bakeries and cafes. Now I work as a culinary consultant and do a bit of everything: develop recipes for companies using their ingredients, style and shoot food photographs, write cookbooks, articles, newsletters and blog posts, maintain my dessert blog, SugarHero, shoot and edit videos, and the list goes on! I’ve got my fingers in a lot of pies…but only metaphorically speaking.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I can usually be found chasing after my son, hanging out with my husband, hiking in the mountains, or hunting down the best local desserts. All in the name of research, of course!

If you’re hungry for more, please click around and read about my writing, drool over my photographs, and learn more about me and my work. I’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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  • I have over a decade of food writing and recipe development experience. I'm a culinary school graduate with years of experience working in professional kitchens, so I have a strong foundation of culinary knowledge, and I specialize in both sweet and savory recipe development. Some of my writing experience includes:

    • Writing a cookbook
    • Founding the award-winning dessert blog, SugarHero
    • Developing recipes for top national and international brands
    • Founding and writing all content for's Candy site
    • Writing clear, concise recipes and engaging headnotes
    • Crafting informative, instructional blog posts
    • Writing first-person articles

    …and much more! Please see my Food Writing page for more information.

  • I'm a self-taught photographer who is passionate about crafting photographs that tell a story, make you hungry, and inspire you to run to the kitchen! My photographs have been featured in national magazines, newspapers, and all across the web. Please see my Food Photography page for examples of my work.

    In addition to food photography, I also make instructional recipe videos for sharing on social media--please click here to watch some examples.

  • My first book, The Sweet Book of Candy Making, was published in 2012 and has since spawned a mini book (called The Sweet Little Book of Candy Making, natch) and has been translated into five different languages.

    The Sweet Book of Candy Making is a great introduction to the world of at-home candy. It covers fundamental techniques for working with chocolate and sugar, provides step-by-step photos for making many different types of candy, and has over 75 delicious and unique candy recipes!

    Please see my Books page for more information and sample pages, or view the book on Amazon.

  • I have partnered with Craftsy to produce a 7-part video course called Homemade Chocolate Candies: Fudge, Bars, and More. In this in-depth class, I demonstrate how to make SEVEN different types of candies. I teach all the fundamentals, including tempering chocolate, making ganache, making caramels, crafting unique candy bars, and so much more!

    Please see the Video Courses page to view the trailer, see sample candies, and learn much more about the course. You can also check it out directly on Craftsy here.

  • I've been fortunate to be featured in many national publications, including newspapers like The Los Angeles Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Chicago Tribune, magazines like Food and Wine and Better Homes & Gardens, and websites like The Huffington Post, The Kitchn, and Buzzfeed Food.

    I've also made a number of media appearances, including being a guest judge on Supermarket Superstar, doing cooking demonstrations on KUTV, being interviewed on Fox News Radio and National Public Radio, and being featured on streaming shows like HuffingtonPost Live.

    For more information and links, please see my Press page.



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Love, Love, Love This Book!

I love making candy, but it is usually difficult for me as I live at a high altitude and don’t have very much experience. What I love about this book is the clear, concise step by step directions, which is so helpful for a novice like me. I also like that many of the steps have photos that accompany them so I can get a good visual of what my candy should look like.

The author also has some trouble shooting help, which helps with everything from high altitude problems, to a bunch of other potential candy catastrophes. I finally fell like I can make candy now! The recipes are delicious, and I like that there are recipes for the beginner like me, all the way up to the advanced, like I hope to be. I also like how different the candy is. I love chocolate, my husband, likes tangy and fruity, and my daughter likes caramel and marshmallows, there are a bunch of really good candy recipes for all of us.